The State of Play on the ‘Belt’

On September 5, 2022

Did you know Victoria has the largest number of craft breweries in Australia with 158 (as per Brews News stats) with NSW closely following behind with 127.

Did you also know that Between Moorabbin and Frankston in Melbourne Southeast’s bayside area, there are currently 12 amazing craft breweries and 4 distilleries, with only 27.5km between the two furthest points. The total Bayside Beer Belt circuit, visiting all current 14 partners is a distance of only 69.5km.

Whilst the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland holds the title of the Craft Beer Capital of Australia with the highest number of craft breweries (23) per capita (0.00006407) – that is across a land area of 1,633km2. (sorry for the heavy stats – we’re trying to make a point…)

The Bayside Beer Belt has a large number of craft breweries across a very small land area – making it a highly accessible and attractive destination to visit, explore and experience.  We’re here to put the Bayside Beer Belt on the map – so to speak!

This little pocket in Southeast Melbourne is set to become the go-to ‘beercation’ destination for enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers alike.

The best way to explore the Bayside Beer Belt is on board one of our fun, educational and immersive Craft Brewery & Distillery Tours.

See you on the bus!