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Did you know that Victoria has the largest number of craft breweries in Australia – 158, with NSW closely following behind with 127?

The Bayside Beer Belt and now the Eastside Beer Belt explores a large number of craft breweries and distilleries making them highly accessible and attractive destinations to visit, explore and experience.

Whilst the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland may currently hold the title of the Craft Beer Capital of Australia, with the highest number of craft breweries (23) per capita, we’re here to shake up the industry…

Between Moorabbin and Frankston in Melbourne SOUTHeast’s bayside area, there are currently 14 craft breweries & distilleries, with only a touch over 27km between the two furthest points? 

In Melbourne’s SouthEAST suburbs, there is another cluster of amazing breweries – 12 and counting….. from Hawthorn to Clayton, across to Rowville and up to Ringwood. The East is bustling with quality breweries to visit and enjoy. 

Southeast Melbourne is set to become the go-to ‘beercation’ destination for enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers alike. Bayside’s unique corridor was dubbed the ‘Bayside Beer Belt’ in mid-2021 and is now a craft community network of local breweries and distilleries, collaborating together to offer immersive and educational beer & spirit tour experiences. The Eastside Beer Belt launched in mid 2023 and this new craft community can’t wait for you to explore and visit them. 







In late 2020, Nat Wilson (founder of the Bayside Beer Belt & Kingston Collective) started exploring her local bayside area and was surprised to discover how many breweries there were in such close proximity to one another.

In early 2021 (in between Melbourne lockdowns), the Kingston Collective started running Craft Beer & Spirit Tours in an effort to create a fun activity for locals whilst showcasing and supporting the local breweries & distilleries in the area.

In January 2022, the Kingston Collective was awarded a State Government Agribusiness Grant to further develop the craft brewery tours and turn this into a region that both locals and visitors could explore and experience. The Bayside Beer Belt runs bespoke, interactive, educational and fun tours that showcase the unique craft community in both Bayside & Eastside. Since then, Nat has sold Kingston Collective and is focussing on driving beer tourism in Victoria!

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