Experiences live in the unexpected!

On October 5, 2023


For us, it’s the little things that happen on a tour that our guests didn’t expect that amplify their brewery and distillery tour experience. No two tours, venue visits, day experiences are the same – EVER. 

Some unique experiences that different guests have experienced throughout this year include: 

* Spending an hour with Chris, the owner and spirit maker at Port Phillip Distillery and tasting a new vodka he has literally just bottled and that no-one has taste tested yet… 

* Having a freshly made Hazy straight from the tank at Wolf of the Willows while chatting with their head brewer Josh.

* Getting the opportunity to sit down and have a one on one chat with Callum, one of the co-owners of KAIJU! Beer and asking has many home brew questions as you can think of. 

* Having a facility tour at Dainton and getting to touch, feel and smell some of the left over ingredients to enhance the brewery chat. 

* Enjoying the first beer of a tasting paddle whilst standing out the back amongst the tanks at Bojak and chatting all about their processes. 

* Kate, owner of That Spirited Lot taking you out the back for a chat and showing you their amazing set up while you sip on a delicious cocktail or G&T. 

* Receiving an in-depth and educational facility tour through Brick Lane in Dandenong, the second largest brewery in Australia – especially when you thought you were just going in for a drink in the taproom! 

* Visiting Biersal Brewery and instead of getting a tasting paddle, you get a sample of EVERY beer on their menu while chatting to Ben, their head brewery and co-owner. 

It’s all in the small details and the unexpected. The result is the lasting impression on those guests, the wonderful experience they talk about, the feel good feeling they are left with and the flow on affect of them taking friends and family back to that venue and possibly even selecting those products over another when purchasing from a shop.

That’s what we love about the opportunity of visiting several local, usually family owned and operated breweries and distilleries in a day – you never know what type of experiences you will have, see and do. 

We’re not saying that you will always receive something amazing, but you just never know what is going to happen on a Belt tour! https://baysidebeerbelt.com.au/tours-events/

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