How you can help the craft industry!

On May 15, 2024

2024 is not turning out to be the year we had all hoped for… 

Increased living expenses is something that is affecting all of us and for those who own and operate their own business, the hike in operating costs is pushing many against the wall. 

In late 2023 we saw a number of breweries enter voluntary administration and unfortunately 2024 has seen many more. Sadly we are now starting to hear news of doors closing and operations ceasing. It’s all too much with no clear road out. We were so sad to hear the news of Deeds Brewing in Glen Iris closing. We loved taking guests there on our Eastside tours and of those we did take, they thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Whilst they aren’t a partner of ours, we were also saddened to hear Temple Brewing in Brunswick East are shutting their doors. 

There are many factors that are affecting craft industry owners such as an increase in excise tax (third largest in the world), raw material costs, energy costs, insurance costs, staff shortages – just to name a few… 

Whilst many people want to help, it is also challenging as so many of us have tightened our belts in the current economic climate. Simply heading to the local for an afternoon with mates, taking the kids out for dinner to our local brewery or spending a day out touring around a Beer Belt isn’t as frequent as we’d like. Spending money has to be selective and thought out. 

There are still ways people can help however. 

Whilst our belts are tightened, spending hasn’t come to a halt. When it comes to the craft industry, you could: 

  • Buy beer you know is locally owned and operated. Not sure – open google and type in ‘Who Owns (insert Brewery/ Distillery name)’ – research it. 
  • Buy spirits that you know are locally owned and operated. 
  • Where possible, buy direct from the business, either online or swing past! 
  • If you are buying at a retail outlet, do your research first.  
  • When you need to buy a gift for someone – buy gift vouchers, beer or spirit packs, cool merch, a beer & distillery tour voucher – again directly from the business. 
  • Organising a birthday celebration – book a private brewery & distillery tour with us as this supports 5 businesses in one day. 5 in one day….we love this fact! 

When you DO spend your money – you have the ability to make a difference! 

If you have a Bayside Beer Belt gift voucher – NOW IS THE TIME TO USE IT. Help support the craft industry.  

#supportlocal #supportthecraftindustry